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When is SuperColony coming out?

Steam full release is in 2024.

What languages the game available in?

English, Russian to start. Others TBD.

Is there a BETA I can become a tester in?

We're glad you asked! There will be, and we will post the link here when it's available.

Where can I download your game?

When we launch it will be on Steam. Eventually Nintendo Switch. We will have a closed beta on Kickstarter. Keep track of our social media for announcements.

How much will SuperColony cost?

Our current plan is 29.99$ on Steam.

Where can I post feature suggestions?

We will update our Website to support this and there will be a section within our Steam Community page here.

What is the age rating for SuperColony?

SuperColony has is rated (E) for Everyone.

Can I buy in-game items with real money?

No and this is not a feature we intend on adding for Steam.

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